The Test Rig

None of the components I will be using in the Real Thing have published TTF (Time To Failure) figures.
Thus I don't know how long each of these components will actually continue to work, running continuously, before failing.
The Great Circle distance from Sydney, NSW to Raglan, New Zealand is 2,200 km. Assuming a speed of 2 kms per hour, this would require  at least 1,100 hours continuous duty for each component
I will be building a test rig that will allow me to run motors, servos, bearings, water cooling and communications and control circuits.
This test rig will be a barge, approx 60 cm square, allowing me to test in a pool, lake or harbour
It will use batteries for power, with connections for external charging
The testing will consist of continuous running of motors, rudder and computer circuits, with results sent back to Cayenne for monitoring

Test Rig Design
600mm square base, 250mm high, 250mm deep bow
3mm aluminium plate
15mm inward lip around the top
600mm by 850mm top with 15mm downward lip