Solar Venturer is currently at Design Phase

 Design assumptions (which can change) are:

  • Based on experience gathered from the prototype, the boat will probably be a trimaran, approximately 3 metres long, with pontoons (aka amas) 2 metres long
  • The hulls and superstructure will be constructed from aluminium 
  • Propulsion - Some possibilities - Three T200 thrusters, Minn Kota Riptide Engine Mount, Trolling motors cut down to shaft and Motor
  • Three 400W solar panels will provide power
  • Deep cycle batteries will be used to store energy. Lithium LiFePo4. This will allow for overnight travel or position holding
  • Steering will be by rudder, operated by a servo motor, or a mechanism to rotate the motors
  • Communication will make use of the Iridium Satellite network, using a Rockblock+
  • The type of GPS, eCompass and CPU modules from the prototype will be used, after passing extended testing on The Test Rig
  • An AIS system will be used to get location/course/speed information for any other vessels in the area, to avoid collisions